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Carlos, your guide to Samba in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. - Bemvindo ! 
Carlos, your guide to Samba in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

My name is Carlos, I am a Brazilian Carioca. I have been a guide for many visitors from the UK, France, Belgium and Germany since 1999.

I will collect you from the airport and take care of transport to your destination in Rio. I can also help with currency exchange transactions, if it is necessary, and advise you on safety matters which are very important here...

I can find you cheap accommodation, either at my home, in an authentic Brazilian family (Flamengo district), or in an hired apartment or hotel..

I am a good guide for the Schools of Samba and for attending their rehearsals or/and the carnival. In the evenings I can show you the places where good music is played : Pagode, Sambas, Choro, MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira) and others...

During the day I can take you on eco-tourist walks around the state of Rio. There are many natural sites to discover including the mountains, forests, beaches, islands, etc. Many are a few hours by bus from the centre of Rio.

Naturally I am also available to help you to shopping, to show you all our quite typical dishes and the famous caîpirinha.

I can also introduce you to the people you may wish to meet if you are interested in cultural and documentary research.

Especially, I will show you the authentic Brazil with conversation, music, dance and discoveries.

References : Batukachoz (Tours), Macunaima (Bordeaux), les Percuterreux d'la beauce (Etampes), Surdo Reyes (Toulouse), Aquarela (Paris), Sambatuc (Paris), and many more...

Contacts :

Tel :
55 21 9855284
55 21 92384807
55 21 22854984
55 (BRASIL) - 21 (RIO)

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Carlos at the sambodromo with members of Macunaima from bordeaux in France

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